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Conversion with Secure Destruction & Disposal

Are your precious memories all on video tapes? Or do you need to duplicate those precious memories that are all on DVDs? Analogue tapes like VHS, VHS-C, miniDV tapes and more can all become mouldy and degrade over time and you will lose those precious memories when the tapes can no longer be played in a tape player.

Have them all converted to DVDs today. Since DVD players are readily available in gaming systems, computers, and as standalone players it’s easy to watch a DVD just about anywhere. If you want to watch those family videos stored on VHS, it will just be easier to do if it’s transferred to a DVD.

Our tape conversion service includes converting:

  • VHS to DVD
  • VHS-C to DVD
  • miniDV to DVD
  • VHS to miniDV
  • VHS-C to miniDV
  • Audio cassette tape to audio CD
  • Vinyl record to CD

For conversion of other types of tapes not mentioned, do feel free to drop us an enquiry via our contact form on this website or leave us a message on our answering system at 6397 5626.

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