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Hear the compliments from our clients!

Travis & Qiao Ling (wedded 27 Dec 2014)

Finally!! I manage to find time to write this review or probably a long story for the AMAZING Stanley and Elaine. I still remembered it was already late night and I was still online, searching for my wedding cinematography services. I do not like cheesy morning express highlights and I was looking for some really good and quality portfolios online. I nearly pulled my hair out when some of my shortlisted ones have already been booked on my super popular wedding date. Then, I chanced upon Ideal Films and after having watched a few of their STUNNING works on Vevo in awe, I have a very strong feeling that Ideal Films should be the one. Stanley and his super comfy office left a deep impression on us during our first met up. Stanley is not those kind of person you met in BOW who just wants to clinch your deal, doing all sorts of irritating sales talk. He is not pushy. He is super easy going. He is super sincere. We felt very comfortable talking to him like a friend. The price offered by Ideal Films is also kinda reasonable, hence, we signed up with them. On our pre-wedding shoot day, my zipper on my short gown splits open~ *omg...* (T.T ) I nearly broke down and do not know what to do to save my short gown because there is no shops (except for cafes and restaurants) on Mt Faber. THEN, Elaine said calmly, "I have needles and thread,". After which, she started sewing for me. An angel came to my rescue!! WHOA...Nowadays, in Singapore, which young lady still bring needles and thread out and know how to sew?!? I was so grateful for her help. THANK YOU ELAINE!! *** Stanley! You must cherish this lady well!! LUCKY YOU!! *** Before and on our actual day, Stanley offered us some good advice. We did have some hiccup during our dinner and we couldn't find our brothers, Stanley was really helpful to extend his help like an "additional brother". Really thumbs up for him. No complaints. When the morning express highlights was shown, the video was so touching and I kept holding back my tears. Stanley's work was really amazing. We are very impressed by how he can produce such good quality work in such a short time because we ended quite late due to the noon activities. Stanley has restored my faith that such excellent and sincere services still exist in Singapore!haha! We are lucky to have Stanley as our wedding cinematographer, as well as Elaine, and will strongly recommend Ideal Films to others. We hereby end with a BIG THANK YOU to Ideal Films for being a part to make our wedding a success.

Compliments from Josiah, G12 Conference Organiser

Stanley, you're definitely one of the most reliable Steadicam Ops I have worked with and your steadicam shots are all priceless! It's been a great honor to work with you and see you in action. May you experience even greater blessings in your own company, Ideal Films, and may God give you abundance. (P.S - Your 360 shot of Israel Houghton is OMG IT'S SO BLARDY COOL AND BEAUTIFULLY AWESOME!)

From Jai & Shirley

Well done, Stanley!! You know what? I went to the bank and the bank staff started asking me whether I m the girl in the video. They have added your page on Facebook and happened to see my love story. Like that also can. Hope u will get more n more business. Jai & Shirley, wedded on 1 October, 2011 Catch their love story video by clicking here -> Password is "ideal".

Gary & Pauline

"Had our wedding cinematography done by Stanley from Ideal Films. He is very professional and his creativity is what you can never find in other cinematographer. Awesome cinematographer! Worth what you are paying for." Gary & Pauline, wedded 24 June 2015.

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