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Friday, March 04, 2016
By Stanley

Having been working as a photographer and cinematographer at Ideal Films for more than a decade, having filmed marriage proposals, wedding, love stories and more, I can attest to the fact that it doesn't give me more courage or what some people might say, numbed until become good at it. When that day comes where I will propose to my beloved will be like that of Clement's proposal to Serene.

So we were engaged at the last minute and I kid you not, much as we have heard of same-day edits (SDE), this was also an SDE for us. Yes, it was a same-day engagement! Haha! We got the call in the morning and was told that Clement will be proposing to his girlfriend in the evening. And after our meeting with another couple that afternoon while Elaine had to pack and get our gear ready, we hurried downtown to the much heard about Adonis Hotel at Purvis Street.

The hotel room was a called a suite, I think. Small as it was as we found out setting up and planning for the shoot, the presence of friends and family members of the couple made the place cosy and the atmosphere heart-warming however.

Evening set in and everyone was really anxious but our anxiety, of course, was nothing like those written all of Clement's face. Much coordination was done by himself but boy were we glad to know that his friends had a part in helping to decorate the little place up.

Serene finally showed up and love was in the air when we observed the way they looked at each other, held onto each others hands and especially when the man got on his knees. It was really sweet and all but as always, I shall not go on about it. We'll let you enjoy this little piece we had produced for them that is simple and sweet! Hope it brings a smile to you!

Have a great weekend!


Clement Proposes to Serene // "Is your surname You?" from Ideal Films International on Vimeo.



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Monday, February 22, 2016
By Stanley

All the perspiration holding on to our camera for a long time filming and keeping it stable, determination to produce something that will wow their guests, effort put into producing an excellent same day edit, perseverance to continue editing through the afternoon after filming a morning full of activities and moments and it goes on and on until we completed filming the entire wedding left the hotel after 1am! We started at 7am in the morning so that's 18 hours of work! That's normal for us but what drives us has always been the satisaction on our clients' faces! Your satisfaction, our motivation!

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Thursday, December 05, 2013
By Elaine

Because wedding days are the biggest and most eventful day of a couple's lifetime, most often than not, it is also the day where they will be at their most nervous and at times, clueless. This is why it is very important and most helpful to have cinematographers and/or photographers who are well-rounded not just in filming and shooting skills but also in their personality, character, emotional and intellectual quotient coupled together with the many years of experience in weddings. What we mean is an artist who is not only good at producing beautiful films and photos, experience having filmed a decade of numerous weddings, but one who is also sharp and passionate about serving the wedding couple to his or her best ability, guiding, encouraging and giving emotional support through every step of their way until the day is over.

Such is Stan, our principal photographer and cinematographer, with the newly weds, Mervyn and Ruo-Hui, just after their first march-in into the ballroom.

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Friday, November 29, 2013
By Elaine
Mervyn and Ruo-Hui chose us as their official cinematographers about a year and a half ago and time really flies! It's tomorrow! Yay! So looking forward to filming this adorable couple especially Ruo-Hui, who cried buckets watching the thank you speech of another couple whom we had filmed a while back! Stay tuned! :)  
Friday, May 31, 2013
By Elaine

As always, couples who usually calls up Ideal Films Singapore are mostly looking at us producing something unique for their wedding express highlights, also known as same day edits to some.

Mereith and Nina were one of our many couples who were looking at having a concept for their wedding day. They had thought of theirs revolving around the idea of having the groomsmen in pirates attire partly because Mereith was in the navy. They had though of having a navy-themed wedding but not groomsmen in attire of sailors but pirates!! It was going to be so much fun for everyone being able to dress up in special costumes!

Upon hearing that, Stan, our principal photographer and cinematographer here at Ideal Films, was more than excited. Ideas like this always stir up the creative side of his brain.

So it was, the birth of an idea.

They had received a free save-the-date cinematography package and it was our first save-the-date film. With the idea in our heads, we've added an element of "piracy" in that video. Can you spot it? Click on the following image to launch the film.

When their wedding day was around the corner, a few days before, to be exact, Mereith came by our studio with Nina to run through their itinerary and as well as to firm up on the concept and the filming on their wedding day.

The one thing that we have always loved about filming and producing videos is the flexibility we are able to exercise in the creative aspect. There will be ideas shared, laughter but most of all, changes that are always welcomed for without changes, there can be no better films. The ideas evolve and it becomes more creative, more humorous and what we like best is when it becomes more of the couple than of us at Ideal Films.

Anyway, less talking now. May I present to you this really entertaining and unique film produced by Stan. Click on the following image to launch the film.

Here at Ideal FIlms, we are really glad that couples recognize the value of having something unique produced on their wedding day and something that they can proudly call it their wedding film. It is a film that is different from that of others. It is a film that is so them. It is a film that they will remember the biggest day of their lifetime with.