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Due to our busy filming and shooting schedule, our latest works, updates and lowdowns will be updated on our Facebook fan page at! :) Our calendar here will always be up-to-date though! >.<

9 OCT: Congrats to Garett and Valerie on your upcoming wedding! With ministers who'll be attending your wedding, it will indeed be a privilege to be the cinematographer for your wedding! :) Looking forward to it!

1 OCT: Congrats to Edmund and Sharon! Thank you for deciding on us for your wedding cinematography! We shall anticipate the arrival of your biggest day! :)

20 SEP: Congrats to Kevin and Joy! It was nice meeting the both of you yesterday and the discussion was really good! Looking forward to your pre-wedding production day and your actual day too! :D

7 SEP: WE ARE BOOKED ON CHRISTMAS! Congratulations to Jac and Elaine too! It was nice meeting the both of you earlier yesterday! I'm sure both of your good looks are gonna be even more stunning on your wedding day! Take care for now! ^^

23 JUL: Congrats to Edmund and Shiyun and also to Boon Yong and Shanice too! We are glad to be of great service to you! Looking forward to your big days! ^^

11 JUL: Congrats to Wee Yang and Janice on tying the knot! We were glad to be part of your union! Have a blessed marriage! :)

14 JUN: Congrats to Colin and Angela! Thank you so much for signing up with us. I'm sure we will be able to wow your guests and everyone with our art and complete your wedding day with it! ;) Looking forward to your wedding day! ^.^

9 JUN: Heartfelt congrats to Kimura and Joyce on your upcoming wedding! It will definitely be an honor for us to have your wedding added to our video collection of wedding art. Congrats again! :)

8 JUN: Due to the unfortunate passing on of a family member of one of our couples, they are unable to hold their wedding on 18 December 2010. We are truly sorry for their loss and would like to express our deepest condolences to their family during these tough times.

5 JUN: A wonderful wedding it was, yesterday, for the beautiful medical care providers cum newly weds, Ziliang and Carrie! We totally enjoyed your hospitality and we're glad that you like the express highlights we had painted for you! An "atas" work of art for an "atas-ly" gorgeous couple! :D Congrats again!

4 JUN: We at Ideal would like to thank all of you sincerely, both clients and customers alike, who have continued to show your support and encouragement during this controversial and tough times for us. We apologise for all clients who were/are affected and assure that future couples will not be affected as we have increased our manpower now.

22 APR: Congrats to Sean and Belle (another Singapore Girl of our sky)! We are looking forward to photographing your wedding! Stay handsome, stay babe and stay fun! Love your smiles! ^^

14 APR: Congrats too to Wen Hao and Jeanette! Thank you for signing up with us and we are sure you will look great on screen with our cinematography for your wedding! ^^

7 APR: Heartiest congrats to Kenneth and Joycelyn! Love your cheerful character of the both of you! I'm sure we'll be able to do a good job for your wedding day! :)

5 APR: Congrats, Ryan and Hazel! Thank you for signing up with us! Hazel really looks like the beautiful Hong Kong celebrity, Angelica Lee! What a great looking couple we have! :D

2 APR: Congrats to Alvin and Shuqin! Another happy couple bound to the path to a great marriage! It is our pleasure to be your cinematographers! ;)

24 MAR: The funniest couple of the century! Presenting to you the handsome and the belle of the air, Jun Quan and and Lydia, steward and stewardess of SIA! Our funny bones were really tickled hard at both meet-up sessions! Thank you for signing up with us! Looking forward to a beautiful express highlights video of the both of you! :D

22 MAR: Congrats to ya, Alvin and Junhui! It was nice knowing the both of you and we are really looking forward to your wedding day! ;)

18 MAR: We are so delighted that we will be covering your wedding banquet at the Marina Bay Sands early next year, Hardy and Zeyin! Congratulations to you again and thank you for choosing Ideal Productions! ;)

12 MAR: Congratulations, Hoo Wee and Karen! Please prepare to smile lots on your big day this Septemberl! :D

9 MAR: Congratulations to Adrian and Mei Mei for tying the knot! We look forward to painting your wedding into a beautiful video you've always wanted! ;)

3 MAR: It was a great evening at the solemnisation of Shawn and Summer at Grand Copthorne earlier today! Congrats and thank you for signing up with us to film your upcoming wedding day in April! Stay smiley always you two! ;D

26 FEB: So glad to see our couple, Hamilton and Selina, leaving a note on our Facebook page at!

"Hey Stanley, thank you so much for your wonderful filming yest...n thanks so much for rushing out the awesome express highlights for us! Words can't describe how thankful we were and we were very glad that we had chosen you as our cinematographer as well as our photographer, Derrick who took many beautiful pictures fo...r us....We really felt we were in good hands yest under all ur help and assistance and tat really helped to reduce our nervousness....Thank you once again!!!!"

26 FEB: Heartiest congrats to Norman and Ashley! It will certainly be a pleasure to paint your big day into a beautiful piece! Thanks for meeting up with us!

26 FEB: Congrats to Ken and Junn for your upcoming wedding in November! We're looking forward to it! :D

3 FEB: Hi guys, we will definitely try to keep our website updated but to really follow us on our latest news, do visit us at Thank you. :)

3 FEB 2010: Congrats to Wei Qiang and Sandy! Words cannot describe our feelings but the thought of the way the both of you will be entering to the venue on your wedding day really gets me excited! Can hardly wait! Cheerios!

3 FEB: Congrats to Shane and Ching Ching! It will be a great honor to complete your wedding day with our beautiful cinematography and montage! Looking forward to it! Stay lovely! :D

17 JAN: Congrats to Tommy and Pei Wen and thanks for signing up with Ideal Productions! Looking forward to paint wedding video soon! With those beautiful faces of yours, both of you will make our video a 100% more beautiful! :D

11 JAN: Eddie and Aileen is such a cute couple! Here's a big congrats to you on your upcoming wedding and thanks for signing up with us! We'll paint your wedding so beautifully, your guests will be all thumbs-up for you! :D

22 Dec 09: Congrats to Terence and Cheryl for tying the knot! We look forward to your wedding day and having the both of you great looking people on our collection of wedding art pieces! ;D

8 Dec 09: Our church bells are really deafening here! Congrats to Hamilton & Selina! We are so gonna film your wedding at Conrad! Looking forward to that beautiful day! ;D

8 Dec 09: Congrats once again to our lovely couples, Don & Lynette, Jian & Mei Teng, Win-son & Faith, Silas & Shannon and Jimmy & May! It was certainly a great experience and many great moments and wonderful memories filming the days of your life!

18 Nov 09: Congrats, Ziliang and Carrie! You guys made the right choice signing up with Ideal! We hope to paint your wedding video to be as beautiful as the both of you are! ;D

7 Nov 09: Congrats again, Prince Ryan and Princess Shirleen on your wedding day last Saturday! We had great fun, great laughs and we enjoyed your effort in creating such a wonderful and hard-to-come-by second march-in! The singing was superb! We love you guys! See you soon! :)

28 Oct 09: William and Eleanor, thanks for engaging us to author your wedding video! We'll definitely do a good job for you both! Let's stay in touch on until we start filming your love story! :) P/s: "You both are not that old la..lolx."

13 Oct 09: Congrats, Kok Wah and Eunice! It was nice meeting up with ya! We're so gonna have a blast shooting your love story! ;)

1 Oct 09: Congratulations to you, Sheng Yang and Rachel! You have great taste in making us your wedding cinematographers and I must say it was really nice and comfortable just chatting with both of you earlier. I'm already looking forward to your wedding! :)

1 Oct 09: It was really nice meeting you, Linus and Joye and we're glad to be made official cinematographer for your wedding in Nov 09! Congratulations to you once again and we look forward to a great shoot for your love story! Keep in touch! ;)

30 Sep 09: It was a blast shooting at your wedding, Cheng Thau and Hui Leng! You guys were so fun and hilarious! :)

20 Sep 09: Many thanks to Dave and Jenny for being such nice clients to us and we really enjoyed the cross-border shoot in M'sia and SG! You're one great couple and the future looks extremely well for the both of you!

20 Sep 09: Here's wishing all our Malay friends, relatives and not forgetting our clients a very Selamat Hari Raya Puasa! :)

18 Sep 09: Congrats, Willie and Jeanie on your union! It was nice meeting such a youthful couple! We're looking forward to the shoot at Yacht Club very soon!

13 Sep 09: Congratulations to Hector and Jamie and we look forward to paint your wedding day on 16 October 2009!

10 Sep 09: We begin shooting products for publication in Her World magazine.

27 Aug 09: Congratulations, Silas and Shannon on your upcoming wedding on 5 Dec 2009!

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